The Latest Philanthropy Development At US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve committed $100,000 to the communities of Houston, TX in the wake of Hurricane Harvey this last August. The major precious metals wholesale company said it would match gifts made to the YouCaring Foundation for up to their pledged amount, and every cent of the money would go straight to the victims and rescue agencies. The response to YouCaring was much more than anyone had thought it would be as the funding for the relief efforts exceeded their goal. US Money Reserve also got involved with the Austin Disaster Relief Network during this fundraiser.


US Money Reserve has built a great reputation for equipping customers with knowledge and offering proven products in the precious metals industry. Gold and silver coins have been collected by many over the years, but their purpose serves something even greater. Throughout history, many empires have come and gone, currencies have risen and fallen, and gold and silver have remained valuable assets. Whenever a stock market plummet or major national debt crisis becomes eminent, gold and silver become the most valuable assets and their market shares go up. US Money Reserve even has live updates of those prices on their website along with their catalog.


Gold coins are usually the recommended precious metal forms to purchase because they are recognized legal tender, and they’re easy to carry around. There are times when gold bars may be a better option, though you’ll probably want a highly secured safe to store these in. US Money Reserve does have information published on how you can secure these assets and how each has its own risk and benefit. Learn more:


US Money Reserve has been among the top in its industry because they are led by former US Mint Director Philip N. Diehl. Diehl led the agency out of a troubled operation and brought many fresh ideas to its management. By the time his tenure ended there, the Mint was running at tremendous profitability with over $2.6 billion in revenue. Diehl decided to bring his business acumen to US Money Reserve because he wanted Americans to understand how important the precious metals industry was. First time visitors to US Money Reserve have access to a free gold information kit including how to put their IRA in gold. They also can receive live help through US Money Reserve’s chat platform if they have issues with purchases or returns. To learn more about the products, visit