Talk Fusion Offers More Dynamic Marketing

The world of marketing has changed drastically from being the simple passive experience of watching television on a screen. Today, marketing has transformed to the point where consumers are able to interact with their favorite companies and to provide feedback. This has enabled companies to provide better products and services to their consumers and to better utilize these new avenues open to them.

Unfortunately, for many companies, they don’t have the tools available to make use of each avenue. This is why Talk Fusion has come onto the market and offers more dynamic marketing for companies who are seeking to improve their services and products. They also need a better avenue to offer up to date information for their consumers so they can make informed decisions about the offers being made to them.

The way works are Talk Fusion gives companies the tools they need to interact with their consumer base and get them more involved. This means enabling them to see a video about the services or products being offered by the company that is more engaging and holds their attention. Unlike old advertisements, Talk Fusion enables companies to get consumers more involved with their purchasing decisions and to keep products or services in mind when shopping around.

Staying ahead of the curve in today’s technical world is important when there are so much media to hold people’s attention. Talk Fusion Video Chat uses the power of WebRTC technology to allow users to communicate face-to-face with anyone no matter where they are on any device whether they’re using a tablet, smartphone, or desktop. This type of video chat is valuable since there can be connotations and inflections made that are hard to pick up just via text. When people are able to see the facial expressions of the other person they’re talking it makes communication easier on both sides.

The Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page has even stated that the achievements for Talk Fusion are only the beginning in how innovative and effective the application is in its current state. They even launched a brand new site recently, in less than a year. Learn more:


Dr. Imran Haque’s Commitment To Professionalism And Friendliness In The Clinic

Dr. Imran Haque is the lead physician of a North Carolina clinic known as Horizon Internal Medicine located in both Asheboro and Ramseur in Randolph County. He was recently commended on The Bro Talk for exemplifying professional courtesy and knowledge in the field of internal medicine, and for accruing highly positive patient reviews of his clinic. Dr. Imran Haque makes it a point to listen carefully to concerns his patients have before undergoing any treatments, and to be honest but understanding towards them in his answers. Dr. Haque has had extensive training in internal medicine and has brought in up-to-date medical technology every year at the clinic.


Dr. Imran Haque was born in the Dominican Republic and first went into medical school at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo. He moved to the US to complete his medical training and graduated with his medical degree from the University of Virginia’s Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem school. After completing that program, he began his internal medicine internship in North Carolina and soon completed his license certification to practice in the field. Dr. Imran Haque’s specialties include several internal medicine areas.


Dr. Imran Haque has become a master at 360 Resurfacing, a skin treatment done by focused lasers that can help eliminate wrinkles and is done over periods of time to prevent the side effects of too much treatment at once. Haque also performs Venus Body Contouring, a procedure that uses intense heat but is non-invasive that can eliminate loose body fat and skin to help patients slim down. But he also employs some basic treatments such as diabetes diagnoses and prescriptions and laser hair removal. Patients can also visit Dr. Haque if they want to enroll in a weight management program, or even just to have a physical for sports or job-related issues

Avaaz: The New York Global Activism Fighters

Have you ever heard of the amazing and extraordinary group known as Avaaz from New York? Well it is a group organization that advocates for global activism on disastrous issues like pollution, human rights, climate change, corruption, animal rights, global warming, drugs, poverty and general conflict. Founded in early January 2007 in New York, this organization is the world’s largest and much powerful online activist network. The powerful organization was founded by Res Publica, which is a group of community of average people who are dedicated to promoting good and fair global lifestyle and peace.

To be specific, the main founder is Ricken Patel along with Tom Perriello, Tom Pravda, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Andrea Woodhouse and Jeremy Heimans. This is perfect because each founding member, being an entrepreneur or top corporate executive in their appropriate field of work making it much easier to make their presence known to the public. Then came the name which needed to stand out easily and making it simple to interact with people and other organizations and the founders decided on Avaaz because of the unique spelling and pronunciation it has. The word came from the Persian word Avaaz which means song or voice which is the point and passion for the whole organization.

Avaaz tackle many issues that this world has and needs to be fixed immediately. One such example is pollution and global warming. In this case, Avaaz will use every single form of group activity and social media channel used to fight against the issue that needs to be addressed. They will use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and the rest of the platforms to spread their message. One good example to fix global warming and pollution is to drive electric cars such as the Tesla Model S and X. These electric cars have zero emissions and will definitely not release carbon dioxide into the air which is the main reason why the Earth is warming up and the glaciers are melting. Avaaz will use their social media channels to promote less consumption of fossil fuels by using less gasoline cars and utilizing more fuel efficient vehicles in order to reduce the global warming and pollution that the Earth is experiencing.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Kim Doa’s Travel Hacks for Japan

Kim Dao shares her ten travel tips to make your trip to Japan easier.Learn more :


  1. Carry your own Wifi. It’s hard to find Wifi in Japan so it’s good to carry a pocket Wifi device or get a sim card.


  1. Get a JR Pass. People with a tourist visa can use these to ride JR trains. It costs $300 per week. A one way ticket can cost $150, so it will save you money in the long run.


  1. Use Odigo travel to plan your trip. All planning can be done on that website. It’s great for people who need help planning every part of their trip.


  1. Use Train Apps. There are so many trains in Japan and it can be confusing to know which to use. Kim Doa uses google maps or searches Japan Travel or Japan Trains. This helps her to know exactly which path to take.


  1. Use a Train Card. These are great because you don’t have to buy tickets. It makes travel much faster.


  1. Carry Cash. Kim Dao carries cash because a lot of shops don’t accept card payments.Learn more :


  1. Bring a Power-board. Plug outlets from different countries may different. You need to make sure you can plug in your devices.


  1. Get a car. Kim Doa likes to travel to places like the country side. Having a car allows her to. You just need to have an international license.


  1. Keep heat packs. It can get really cold in Japan but keeping heat packs on your body will keep you warm.


  1. Take photos. Kim Doa uses photos of the landmarks to get directions from natives.Learn more :


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