Jeremy Goldstein Offers Expert Advice To Companies Cutting Down On Offering Stock To Staff Members

Jeremy Goldstein is a well-versed commercial lawyer with 15 years of experience. He runs a successful law firm in New York, which helps corporations and business players acquire a fair play in the industry. Recently, the lawyer explained why more corporations are opting not to offer clients with stock options. He stated that while stock values drop, the firms run the risk of satisfying their customers by limiting their options to conduct business. Additionally, a market downtime will eat into the company’s finances since the stakeholders will still need the compensation. Jeremy concluded that stocks cut down the salaries of employees.


Jeremy clarified that there is also an upside to providing compensation plans. He outlined the importance of stock as solely beneficial to the company. Consequentially, employees seek to increase the firm’s net value by improving customer relations to attract and retain clients. He however urged companies to be careful in handing shares in place of stock, since they increase the taxes paid by the firm.


Jeremy Goldstein’s remedy to the situation is to find a path that cuts down on the overhang to employees and the expenditures of maintaining a successful trade with employees. A company will save its finances by canceling compensations to employee when the stocks remain low for relatively one week. He commented that while the solution might limit the number of employees who receive the stock, it will ensure that the remaining subscribers receive their due amounts when the stock level rises.


Jeremy’s New York law firm is centered around offering expert advice to CEOs, managerial teams and other corporate arms. Jeremy’s work history in working for an array of firms such as the Wachtell, Rosen, Lipton and Katz law firm equipped him with incomparable skills in dealing with business litigations. Other companies that benefited from Jeremy’s professional input is United Technologies in its acquisition of Goodrich, Duke Energy, Dow Chemical Company, SBC Communications Incorporation, Verizon Wireless and Kmart Holding Corporation. Jeremy is a New York University alumnus with a J.D in law. He received his postgraduate degree from the University of Chicago and his undergraduate from Cornell University.


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