Doe Deere Balances Life And Work

Doe Deere is the creative mind behind the widely popular makeup company, Lime Crime. She founded the company herself after moving to the United States and spending several years in a band. She has a routine that she follows every day in order to ground herself, stay positive, and get her creative juices flowing. She wakes up at half past eight every morning and never uses an alarm. She is strict about getting nine hours of sleep every night because she finds that is what she needs in order to have a successful day and wake up feeling energized. Her favorite time of the day is just after she wakes up, has breakfasts, and thinks about what awaits her that day.


Doe Deere really values the importance of drinking water. She lives in Los Angeles and dehydrates very quickly due to the dry weather there. She makes sure that she never forgets to drink an entire glass of water every day. After she has some water and eats breakfast, she starts doing some stretches to get her blood flowing. This makes her feel better and gets her ready to face the day. One of the things she eats most often in the morning is a nice bowl of warm grits. She also has an orange tree so often enjoys a glass of fresh orange juice. In addition to that, she likes to eat fruit and yogurt to stay healthy.


The first thing she does before even getting out of bed is to check the calendar she downloaded onto her phone. It helps her keep track of her busy days and stay motivated. She also has a habit of browsing Instagram to keep up with her friends and makeup trends. That said, she tries to limit the amount of time she spends on her phone in the morning. She believes that it is good for her to remain relatively electronic free in the morning time. This allows her to think creatively and really come up with some good ideas for Lime Crime. While she listens to music, she also gets started on her makeup routine. She uses the Glossier face wash to start with a clean slate. Then she moisturizes using the Murad HydroDynamic Quenching Essence. On casual days she wears the True Match Foundation from L’Oreal. If she is dressing up she will use Studio Fix by MAC. Lime Crime is currently formulating their own foundation and they will use it soon. She fixes her eyebrows and then does her favorite part: lipstick. She loves using bright pops of color and is able to do that with the Matte Velvetine Lime Crime line. She also uses a colorful blush for a nice glow.

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