Whitney Wolfe; The Founder Of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe created the Bumble app after departing from Tinder. She created the app with the aim of making the internet more accountable regarding gender and changing the method of dating via the web. Bumble has changed the way dating takes place as girls get to make the first move as opposed to the real life. The girl can decide to message the gut within twenty-four hours once a match is made or can choose not to, and the match will disappear forever.

Whitney Wolfe wanted to create less aggressive, respectful conversations between two opposite sex thus increasing the chances of turning it into a meaningful relationship. The app has been successful as it has over eleven million users. Wolfe plans on expanding it to have non-dating services such as Bumble Bizz which can be used in building business connections.

Whitney’s advice to young aspiring entrepreneurs

Believe in yourself

You must first overcome the self-doubt and believe you can make your dreams come to reality. Avoid people who will try make you feel inferior by telling you that your idea is wrong. Criticism is always there, but you must be firm in every decision that you make. Whitney Wolfe is planning on opening a pop-up location in NY. She is currently working on how to design Bumble to be a space for dates where anyone can hang out and blend in the Bumble brand. The idea will also provide Bumble’s users with social networking services to those that are not interested in looking for a date. Whitney Wolfe had also co-founded the dating app Tinder.

Whitney left the company since the app promoted the hookup culture that did not favor the women. She went ahead and sued her colleagues that had ‘’stolen’’ her name as a member of the founding team since they did not want the company to be viewed as a joke. Whitney has helped to eradicate terrible dating experiences and unhealthy relationships. Whitney is now a role model to many women as she has helped give women power to control their dating lives through her massive popular dating app.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: http://www.cc.com/video-clips/6qmjwn/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah-whitney-wolfe—creating-social-change-on-bumble

Rick Smith – More Technological Investments for Better Prisons

Rick Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technologies, a leading telecommunications firm that offers correctional services to state prison facilities. Mr. Smith joined the company in 2008, and currently manages over 3400 correctional facilities and some 1.2 million inmates. Securus offers a wide array of services such as; tracking of parolees, government information, detainee communications through emails, and pay phones. Securus is the largest provider of technological solutions for correctional institutions.

In 2015, Rick Smith acquired JPay through their definitive stock. JPay has been offering email, online payments, entertainment, and educational platforms to over 33 penitentiaries. Rick Smith says that this merger would provide state of the art technologies to produce groundbreaking tools and platforms to run correctional spaces smoothly. Follow Rick at LinkedIn.com.

Before joining Securus, Rick Smith worked with Eschelon Telecom Inc. Mr. Smith was appointed Echelons’ president in 2003-2007. Previously, he was the chief operating officer and chief financial officer from 1998-2003. Mr. Smith worked for Global Crossing for 26 years, where he held various posts including being the president, chief information officer, and controller from 1972-1998.

Rick Smith has worked in several other leading organizations. He was the president of Frontier Technologies and Midwest Telephone Operations. He is a board member of Integra Co Ltd and Eschelon Telecom Inc.

Smith has partnered with several leading and competing service providers to cast their net wider in being the largest communications provider for detainees. In 2016, Rick Smith brokered a partnership with Harris Corporation in a bid to secure exclusive distribution of contraband defender products. This product, according to Rick Smith will help prison administrators manage and control contraband cell phones and any other wireless gadget. This partnership will see Securus be the sole distributor of the products to penal institutions in the USA.

Richard ” Rick ” Smith in a recent press statement in March 2017 announced that Securus was working in partnership with JobView, to enable detainees to search for jobs. Mr. Smith, as chairman of Securus, has deployed over 150,000 Smartphone devices to improve communications in prisons, an investment worth $20 million. Other investments include expansion of the prison entrepreneurship program and an increase in the number of educational programs.

In 2008 the newly appointed Securus CEO, Rick Smith successfully negotiated for lower audio and video calls. For jails, the call rates dropped from 3.25 to 2.01 per minute for audio calls. Such an accomplishment is only achievable through continuous investment in latest technology. Rick Smith’s skills and trailblazing track record has increased Securus Technologies revenue from a mere $30 million to $300 Million.

He holds a graduate degree in Bachelor of Science, electrical engineering from the University of Rochester. He has a master’s in mathematics and business administration from the University of New York, Buffalo. Read more on Crunchbase.com

Norman Pattiz Announces Crucial Results Regarding the Effects of Podcast Advertising to Brand Recall and Customer Shopping Behaviour

In 2016, Norman Pattiz made news headlines following his announcement on the effects of podcast call advertising to marketing and buyer behavior. The chief executive officer of PodcastOne was assisted by Tom Webster of Edison Research to announce the results. The two companies initiated the project. The aim of the project was to find out the effects of podcast advertising to products. In the research program, five prominent brands were used. The brands have different classifications and use. The results offered a detailed review of pre and post podcast advertising. Through the study, Edison Research identified the gratifying effects of podcast advertising on branding. They also marked client’s interest to purchase the commodities after podcast advertising.






From the report, the following results were found:



  • After the podcast campaign, 7% of the listeners mentioned their preference for a certain grocery store. Financial services products increased in sales by 47% following the podcast recall campaign.
  • After the campaign, the product awareness of an automobile increased by 37%. More than a third of the listeners had an eye for the product.
  • After the study, more people had a positive response towards an automobile. Product preference increased by 60%.
  • A casual dining hotel garnered 76% after the podcast campaign.


Research Findings



Edison Research found it necessary to conduct the study campaign separately. This was to evaluate the accuracy and reliability of the results. The five prominent brands possessed a good reputation. Others, however, had an average reputation in the market. They were considered to be in the trial stage of gaining a competitive market niche. To find out how effective they were, the podcast advertising campaign was spread over six weeks. The same campaign mechanism was applied in each case study. From the results, a conclusion was made that buyers, in this case, the audiences, were keen on the advertised brands. They also showed the willingness to purchase the products.



According to Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne will independently announce the results. This is aimed at proving that podcast advertising is effective to marketing. From the acquired results, PodcastOne entered partnerships with the aim of determining that podcast advertising has a positive impact on branding.

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Norman’s Profile



Norman Pattiz is the executive chairman of PodcastOne. He is also the founder and chairman of Westwood One. This is America’s largest and best provider of news in entertainment, sports, talk as well as traffic programming. Under his leadership, Westwood One has topped the list of best news providers in the United States of America.

Arthur Becker

Mr. Arthur Becker is a managing member at a Liability Limited Company (LLC) known as Madison Partners. The company is an investment firm that focuses on real estate and Bio Tech ventures. According to the LA Times, before joining Madison Partners, Becker was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zinio, LLC. He was also the CEO of Zinio, LLC from 2012 to 2015.

During his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of NaviSite and then Zinio, Arthur Becker was engaged in both real estate and technology business. This resulted in the sale of NaviSite in 2011, and therefore his expansion in the real estate business. Therefore, the idea of coming up with Madison Partners Company was meant to combine both the potential and economic opportunities for a greater impact on human lives.

Mr. Arthur Becker believes that his typical day is quite flexible. He no longer has operating businesses that are scheduled with conference calls and meetings. Perhaps, Becker is more efficient in real estate business and Bio Tech Venture than we thought. He has made the real estate business fascinating. He can organize and coordinate work of many experts and ensure that their talents are very practical. Furthermore, Arthur Becker is intrigued with several trends in biotech – especially in the field that involves cancer treatment.

Additionally, Arthur Becker is a productive entrepreneur who finds challenge in balancing between passion and drive that comes with critical thinking. The challenge typically poses within the startup because of the fascinating mix of clarity in visions, passion for engaging colleagues, and the ability to use critical thinking in adjusting the vision. Fashionista.com Mr. Arthur Becker as a person that understands that proper strategies must be put in place.

Mr. Arthur Becker (https://ideamensch.com/arthur-becker/) believes that business adventure is not an easy road. He has tried several businesses and failed numerous times. Therefore, hopefully, he has learned how to avoid similar types of failures while moving forward. Becker is also of the opinion that a given business will be successful if you understand the chemistry between management and operation.