Gregory Aziz – The Successful Leader Of National Steel Car

Greg Aziz of National Steel Car is the CEO, and President of the world’s top railroad freight car manufacturing and industrial companies in Hamilton, Ontario.


Greg J. Aziz knows how to focus our strong points with a good organization in the rail industry. He knows that clients always trust our industry, to build the highest value railcars with reliably transport performance today.


Greg Aziz persistent goal is to work hard, and to maintain quality at its best. That will make sure The National Steel Car stays as the leader in North America’s rail car construction.


National Steel Car was founded in 1912. They keep their mission to produce and design freight cars that surpasses and the growing demands for people’s needs and for the railroad business.

Greg Aziz went to school at Ridley College, getting a major in economics at the University of Western Ontario.


He worked alongside with his family doing business in wholesale foods before getting into the industry of learning railroad freight car manufacturing.


Mr. Aziz gained the success by first being able to structure buying the National Steel Car from Hamilton’s biggest remote area that distributes million tons of high quality flat carbon steel every year, called Dofasco. His ambition was to change the corporation into the primary railroad freight car constructor in The United States, Canada, and Mexico.

In time, the National Steel Car grew its engineering ability from over three thousand cars every year to about twelve thousand. Hundreds of people were hired from over five hundred employees to close to three thousand. The expansion goes to show what a success the National Steel Car mission has become.


The success of The National Steel Car continues to be the leader of manufacturing the progress of new cars every year.


Mr. Greg Aziz always says that engineering is very active, but it is a need for change. A successful business company must adopt change. The use of technology must be positive and never negative for growth.


Mr. Greg Aziz is married to Irene Aziz, and they are both promoters of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. It is Canada’s most famous, and well-known rural carnival. Refer to This Article for related information.

Gregory Aziz and the Comeback of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz, a Canadian businessman, amassed a significant reputation after acquiring the rolling stock manufacturing company National Steel Car and revived it in only five years. The company were beaten down and would have probably closed down for good if Gregory James Aziz had not come to its aid.



National Steel Car is one of the oldest companies in its line of work. In was founded about 105 years ago by a small group of investors who had the excellent intuition about the rolling stock market which was a new rising business at the time of the company’s inception. The corporation entered the market a year before its peak.


From the start, National Steel car was achieving success. Investors flocked to put their money into the prosperity of the business that was taking the market by storm and assuming the first place in its line of work. That did not last long, however, as the Great Depression started coming in and wiping out business after business. The lucky companies that survived the Depression were those that had previously been on top of were flexible enough to mold to the times.


National Steel Car was bad at molding at first and lost its leading place in the market. It also had to downsize severely. After some time, the company started taking orders for any manufacturing including engines and metal frames. The company survived through the Great Depression and when the Second World War broke out National Steel Car was able to go back to its original line of work. The clients started rolling in, and the company was thriving. Visit This Page for more information.



After the war passed the business slowed down significantly again. The industry was taken over by new companies that were better at keeping up with the times and were able to stay flexible and innovate. National Steel Car was acquired by Dofasco, but the new owner never managed to work extensively on National Steel car as much as it needed.



Gregory J Aziz took over the business assuming full leadership as CEO, Chairman, and President. Aziz started expanding the company and hiring thousands of people. The manufacturing capacity jumped significantly from 3500 a year to 12 000 units. The expansion took five years and was impressive given the circumstances



Gregory James Aziz has been the owner of National Steel Car for 26 years. The corporation is hugely modernized and a lot larger. It is also international, accepting clients from the US.

How Mike Baur Steered Dozens of Start-Ups to Growth and Success

Coming up with a revolutionary idea or concept is quite easy for most entrepreneurs. The biggest challenge, however, is transforming that noble million-dollar idea into a viable business model. It’s no secret that a significant majority of promising startups never get off the ground.


That rationale is exactly what inspired a veteran Swiss banker, Mike Baur to drop his illustrious career and venture into the lucrative world of start-ups. Here’s his amazing story and what he’s been able to achieve thus far in this industry


Overcoming the Common Pitfalls


Mike’s career exposed him to the countless pitfalls facing aspiring inventors. The most pronounced hurdle happens to be raising the necessary capital to fund the affairs of these start-ups. Additionally, Baur realized how these young entrepreneurs were completely lacking in the skills and ability to run a successful and a profitable start-up.


Mike Baur took it upon himself to make a positive difference in the lives of the countless Swiss-based innovators. To do so, Mike resorted to setting up an accelerator platform in 2014 called the Swiss Start-Up Factory. The prime objectives of this Geneva-based institution were to coach and mentor the upcoming investors on the right ways of going about their endeavors.


360 Degrees Program by Mike Baur


Mike designed a robust 3-month program to speed up the growth of selected start-ups. The trademark accelerator course developed by the veteran banker gets broken down into the following three main parts:-




At this stage, entrepreneurs get familiarized with how to make professional pitches, researching and marketing, coaching, accounting and IT logistical support, and product development.


Accelerator part


At this point, the students learn the legalities associated with their start-ups. Most importantly, they learn how to avoid running into copyright and infringement concerns. The factory provides legal and taxation advice and consult to the prospective investors.


Growth Accelerator


In the final stage of the course by Mike Baur, the visionary investors learn how to get access to finances and how to craft a waterproof business plan. Additionally, the pupils learn how to properly manage and lead their staff and business to prosperity.


About Mike Baur


Mike serves as a managing partner of the Swiss Start-Up Factory. Baur co-founded this start-up accelerator enterprise in 2014 to solve the gaping problems facing countless prospective start-up investors, not only in Switzerland but globally as well. The other founding partners are Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Previously, Baur was one of Switzerland’s most accomplished bankers and entrepreneurs having served for more than two decades in the prestigious Swiss finance sector.


Jackson Family Wines Works Better With Julia Jackson as Spokesperson

In Lake County, California, the Jackson Family Wines first started out creating wines. Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke gave birth to a number of children who would go on to carry the family business further than their parents first started doing. The family business now carries over 47 different wine brands across 4 continents.

Back in 1982, there was a fermentation that hit their winery however even after the stuck fermentation occurred, the Chardonnay was able to hold on to the taste of sweetness. Once it seen this as a positive, they went on to create some of the fastest growing wines within the history of wine making.

Jess and Barbara were innovators and for this reason, they have been able to market wines and create wines that others consider to be outside of the box. The business found success and has since went on to focus on the luxury brands since the very late of the 90’s. One that they focus heavily on is the Cabernet and Pinot Noir.

Julia Jackson grew up in the fields plucking grapes and sorting through grapes that were pulled during the 100 degree weather in California. It was no surprise that even though she spent all those years in the fields that she would go on to work for the family business. She grew up in the fields and then went on to college at Scripps College to earn her bachelor’s degree before she would take on a general management course over the summer which helped her to better understand management of businesses. She then went on to France to study further and to learn new styles of winemaking. While in France, she made lifelong friendships and learned how to speak French fluently. Due to this, Julia was able to go further in helping others by teaching French to 6th graders during her college early years.

Julia works now alongside all her family members who are helping to carry on the Jackson Family name.

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Talk Fusion: Towards Innovative Marketing Platform

In a move that is reflective of its rebranding efforts, HuffPost brought on board Bob Reina as a regular contributor. The founder and chief executive officer at Talk Fusion brings with him a unmatched experience. He has over two decades of experience on the marketing industry where he has specialized in video marketing especially at Talk Fusion and direct marketing. The rebranding of the popular online publication, which also includes a name change from Huffington Post, will see it publish real stories of people that have been ignored by the mainstream media. Bob Reina is no stranger to such spotlight as he been a contributor for the publication since 2016. His articles, even the ones he has authored in his new elevated role, touch on a wide array of subjects including self-development, culture and investment among others. The articles cover the backstories that usually do not make the headlines but are equally important. Learn more:


Company Profile: Talk Fusion


Since its founding in 2007 by its current chief executive Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has grown tremendously. It has carved out a name for itself as one of the leading providers of video marketing products and services. The video marketing tools offered by the company are highly innovative, which has seen the company win several awards including the 2016 Communication Solutions Products of the Year Award. The award, which was given by Technology Marketing Corporation, was in recognition of the company’s innovative video marketing technology: Video Chat. The product was one in a long list of innovative and high-end marketing solutions available for customers globally. Learn more:


The company’s line of products and services are available for interested on free trial for 30 days. At the end of the free trial period, interested customers are invited to pay an affordable fee that will allow them access some of the most exciting and efficient marketing platforms globally. In addition to Video Chat, Talk Fusion also deals in live meetings platforms, all-inclusive video email services and video newsletters. The products customer-centric and use an interactive platform that meets the growing demand for new concepts of communication and marketing that is reflective of technological advancements and trends. The company, under the visionary leadership of Bob Reina, has expanded operations to 140 countries with the help of its highly qualified professionals.

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