One on One with the CEO of American Institute of Arts

The American Institute of Arts (AIA) has been in existence since 1857. Many people, however, are not very familiar with what exactly the institution does. Robert Ivy is the current CEO and has served in that position since February 2011. AIA is a professional body that is mandated by the federal government to train, advice the public on matters related to construction and design as well as issue operating licenses to qualified members. AIA currently has over 87,000 members all over the country according to CEO Robert Ivy. The institution has its Headquarters in Washington DC as well as offices in every state. Follow Robert Ivy on Twitter for more updates

Since joining AIA, Robert Ivy has transformed the institution and is constantly concerned about how Architects can be more useful outside their profession. Ivy believes that Architecture can be used in different areas of life other than the construction and design industry. In the recent months, AIA has been on a mission to partner with sectors which are not closely related to architecture. When asked why the institution had taken that direction, the soft-spoken CEO pointed out that there was a need for architects to deviate from the usual way of doing things. He holds the opinion that architects can be useful in other areas such as disaster relief solutions as well as improving health.

Robert Ivy went to Tulane University. He is a registered architect and has once worked as a magazine editor and corporate executive. He recently caught up with SmartPlanet’s Joo Kim in an interview. View Robert Ivy’s profile at Tulane School of Architecture

SmartPlanet: Can you explain the relationship between architecture and public health?

Robert Ivy: well, the design has played a major role in our public health throughout history. When you walk around, you see beautifully designed buildings and parks. That is the work of architecture.

SmartPlanet: Can architecture directly affect public Health?

Robert Ivy: Architecture can affect the rate of a community’s non-communicable diseases. Buildings around the city and outside can be designed in such a way that they promote exercise. For example, they can ensure there are areas where people can easily walk upstairs or downstairs without necessarily using lifts.

SmartPlanet: It is as if AIA is looking to collaborate with sectors unrelated to architecture, what’s your take on that?

Robert Ivy: Yes you are right. In the past few years, we have been trying to get out of the architecture box. We are encouraging architects across the country to embrace diversity and get involved in other fields. We think that kind of approach will bring about numerous positive changes in our institution. More info here:


How Robert Ivy is Changing the Architectural Department

If you happen to meet Robert Ivy on a typical day, you will realize that he is a soft-spoken, warm and wise professional. Through his conversation, it is clear that the businessman has a lot of knowledge in the architectural department. Robert Ivy has been in this industry for a while, and he understands the history of America’s urban planning. In several occasions, Robert has spoken about the importance of the professionals in this department to cross-pollinate ideas and interact with software programmers. Robert Ivy heads one of the leading architectural bodies, known as American Institute of Architects. Ivy serves as the executive vice president of this professional body too. The membership-based organization has helped its members to focus on the profession and at the end of the day come with the best buildings and designs. Construction companies affiliated with the AIA have been doing very well in the recent times. Robert Ivy has been encouraging and motivating his colleagues in the department to think and at the same time focus far beyond the sector. Follow AIANational on Twitter.

According to Robert Ivy, the construction department can have a huge positive impact in very many areas in the world. This department can offer disaster solutions and at the same time improve the health of individuals in the community. The American Institute of Architects has been getting a lot of attention in the recent times due to this mission. The organization has a monthly program for checking and also tracking the performance of the building industry. This has served as a way of determining the economic status of the country in the recent times. The information from this survey is believed to be very accurate and beneficial to the stakeholders in the industry.

The AIA recently made a special announcement during the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting that was held this September. The popular event was attended by some of the top businessmen, politicians and cultural leaders from all parts of the globe. The professional organization announced that it was planning a ten-year program that would develop various solutions and initiatives that will be focusing on sustainability, public health and resilience to any natural calamities, especially in the urban areas. The professional group is expected to achieve these goals quickly because of the kind of leadership it has put in place. Robert Ivy is an experienced professional who has the leadership qualities that will make the group to perform well in the competitive sector.

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