Jason Hope-Embracing Technology and What it Has to Offer

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, commentator, and writer and stands behind the Internet of Things. Hope recently wrote on the subject of the latest tech trends on Tech.co, and commented that the Internet of things is a new advancement in the industry of technology. Jason Hope’s articles come highly regarded.

The Internet of Things is technology that is connected to various devices ds o that they can sync with each other. This includes devices that we use every single day like our kitchen appliances, cars, street lamps and any other electronic devices. The Internet of things makes it very possible to get devices connected using a sheared network in order to share info to reduce waste and improve efficiency. According to Hope, the Internet of Things can change the very way that businesses operate and is a very big advancement in the tech industry and learn more about Jason.

Hope predicts that the Internet of Things will improve every day life by improving things like the public transportation system. the Internet of Things can improve maintenance monitoring issues for trains and make it possible to map public bus routes in real-time. This can reduce dangerous situations and since the public transportation system will be better, more people will want to use it. This will reduce traffic and pollution. The Internet of Things can even improve the way of life for people in rural areas as well by making it possible to achieve GPS tracking and emergency responses and read full article.

Jason Hope is a successful business owner and entrepreneur and loves to help others. Hope is always giving back to the community and helping out local organizations. He also provides help to humanitarian organizations that help to improve life for people, particularly the future of mankind, and he wants to see the communities in Arizona thrive.

Hope believes that technology is the future and he’s always developing new desktop software, gaming software, mobile apps, and devices that help to make life smarter and more efficient. Hope considers himself to be a futurist and helps his fellow entrepreneurs to become successful as they try to improve our way of life and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

Other Reference: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/jason-hope-explores-internet-things-090000898.html

Avaaz: The New York Global Activism Fighters

Have you ever heard of the amazing and extraordinary group known as Avaaz from New York? Well it is a group organization that advocates for global activism on disastrous issues like pollution, human rights, climate change, corruption, animal rights, global warming, drugs, poverty and general conflict. Founded in early January 2007 in New York, this organization is the world’s largest and much powerful online activist network. The powerful organization was founded by Res Publica, which is a group of community of average people who are dedicated to promoting good and fair global lifestyle and peace.

To be specific, the main founder is Ricken Patel along with Tom Perriello, Tom Pravda, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Andrea Woodhouse and Jeremy Heimans. This is perfect because each founding member, being an entrepreneur or top corporate executive in their appropriate field of work making it much easier to make their presence known to the public. Then came the name which needed to stand out easily and making it simple to interact with people and other organizations and the founders decided on Avaaz because of the unique spelling and pronunciation it has. The word came from the Persian word Avaaz which means song or voice which is the point and passion for the whole organization.

Avaaz tackle many issues that this world has and needs to be fixed immediately. One such example is pollution and global warming. In this case, Avaaz will use every single form of group activity and social media channel used to fight against the issue that needs to be addressed. They will use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and the rest of the platforms to spread their message. One good example to fix global warming and pollution is to drive electric cars such as the Tesla Model S and X. These electric cars have zero emissions and will definitely not release carbon dioxide into the air which is the main reason why the Earth is warming up and the glaciers are melting. Avaaz will use their social media channels to promote less consumption of fossil fuels by using less gasoline cars and utilizing more fuel efficient vehicles in order to reduce the global warming and pollution that the Earth is experiencing.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Kim Doa’s Travel Hacks for Japan

Kim Dao shares her ten travel tips to make your trip to Japan easier.Learn more : http://www.yummyjapan.net/creator/kimdaovlog


  1. Carry your own Wifi. It’s hard to find Wifi in Japan so it’s good to carry a pocket Wifi device or get a sim card.


  1. Get a JR Pass. People with a tourist visa can use these to ride JR trains. It costs $300 per week. A one way ticket can cost $150, so it will save you money in the long run.


  1. Use Odigo travel to plan your trip. All planning can be done on that website. It’s great for people who need help planning every part of their trip.


  1. Use Train Apps. There are so many trains in Japan and it can be confusing to know which to use. Kim Doa uses google maps or searches Japan Travel or Japan Trains. This helps her to know exactly which path to take.


  1. Use a Train Card. These are great because you don’t have to buy tickets. It makes travel much faster.


  1. Carry Cash. Kim Dao carries cash because a lot of shops don’t accept card payments.Learn more : https://www.facebook.com/KimDaoOfficial/


  1. Bring a Power-board. Plug outlets from different countries may different. You need to make sure you can plug in your devices.


  1. Get a car. Kim Doa likes to travel to places like the country side. Having a car allows her to. You just need to have an international license.


  1. Keep heat packs. It can get really cold in Japan but keeping heat packs on your body will keep you warm.


  1. Take photos. Kim Doa uses photos of the landmarks to get directions from natives.Learn more : https://www.odigo.jp/profile/kimdao


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Sawyer Howitt Brings Light to the Sport of Racquetball

Sawyer Howitt is an young entrepreneur but also an up and coming outstanding Racquetball athlete. He became interested in the sport and his journey of Racquetball started while in high school. Racquetball isn’t really popular with Americans, but Sawyer Howitt is planning on changing that in due time. Howitt joined the Portland Racquetball Club and quickly started working on his skills. By becoming apart of his high school team, he gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge. He has already taken his team to new heights, winning numerous matches. He soon became Lincoln Highs’ star player.

View Sawyer Howitt’s profile on About.me for more information.

He made his presence known during Oregon High School Racquetball State Championships. Although he didn’t win the trophy, he performed magnificently against upper-classman Eric Poppleston. Sawyer Howitt didn’t give up and continued to perfect his technique. He has proven his level of skill in the sport of racquetball, that he may very well end up on the rankings for the National Racquetball Championships. It is predicted that Sawyer Howitt will represent his nation by partaking in the Racquetball Men’s Olympics Stage in the upcoming years. He is definitely paving the way for Racquetball, bringing it to the forefront with other well known sports like Tennis. He is determined to take the Racquetball sport to national levels.

Keep Reading:  https://blogwebpedia.com/how-to-become-a-racquetball-pro-like-sawyer-howitt.html/

Tim Armour’s Work Ethic

When it comes to investing, it remains pertinent for investors to carefully watch where their money goes. Moreover, it remains equally important to possess a certain level of knowledge regarding the investment market. With that being said, Warren Buffet remains a skilled and uncontested investor. If investing was a tropical storm, people would consider Warren Buffet as a tsunami. Moreover, Buffet remains someone who dedicated his entire life to investing and building an insurmountable level of wealth. When compared to other investors, Warren Buffet uses an ageless investment strategy. Moreover, he remains a financial hero. Recently, Warren Buffet challenged a group of hedge fund managers. During the challenge, he wagered $1 million dollars if he failed to secure better investment returns than they did. Considering this to remain conventional wisdom, Warren Buffet succeeded on his promise and more information click here.

As wealthy as Warren Buffet stands, it remains remarkable how selfless he remains. Moreover, Warren Buffet does not have a problem informing investors how to gain substantial returns on their investment. Although Buffet’s investment strategy has remained relatively unchanged, he continues to gain an impressive return on investments. Due to the fact that many new investors fail miserably, this remains noteworthy. However, there remains an exception. With that being said, Tim Armour remains a responsible business leader. Moreover, he serves as the chairman of Capital Group. For 32 years, he has remained a member of the Capital Group. Moreover, remains a prominent student of academia. In fact, he earned a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College.

The Real Estate Passion Of Tammy Mazzocco

The Edwards Reality Company is famous and responsible for grooming many of the best realtors including Tammy Mazzocco. She began as a secretary, worked her way up to property manager and eventually became a realtor in 1995.

Tammy Mazzocco soaked up information and learned the business. Her experience has grown and she is now one of the top residential real estate agents in Licking, Franklin, Fairfield counties, Delaware and Central Ohio. She has a distinctive flair for the business. Real estate is her passion. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Tammy Mazzocco believes in living a productive and healthy life. Her days begin with meditation and when she arrives at work she tackles the most important business first. The she checks her email and talks shop on the phone with her current clients. Although she makes money in her chosen career this is not what motivates her. She genuinely loves what she does.

Tammy Mazzocco confronts negativity with hard work and keeps her philosophy positive. She admits she had doubts when she first began but her perseverance helped her through the bad days. She fondly remembers her first client because she was so excited.

Tammy Mazzocco uses real estate content online combined with her website and the combination works well. She believes professionally managed social media is one of the keys to success because it keeps her clients engaged. She feels in real estate there is consistently a way to improve because the market is always evolving.

Tammy Mazzocco believes her success can be attributed to the way she treats her clients. She places their best interests first. She worries about their finances and earns their trust. She loves the feeling she gets every time she closes a deal. When a client’s bid is accepted, the looks on her clients faces is incredibly rewarding. Tammy understands the realty business and her clients which is why she is one of the top realtors.

Check out: https://www.facebook.com/tammy.mazzocco.1

Rick Smith – More Technological Investments for Better Prisons

Rick Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technologies, a leading telecommunications firm that offers correctional services to state prison facilities. Mr. Smith joined the company in 2008, and currently manages over 3400 correctional facilities and some 1.2 million inmates. Securus offers a wide array of services such as; tracking of parolees, government information, detainee communications through emails, and pay phones. Securus is the largest provider of technological solutions for correctional institutions.

In 2015, Rick Smith acquired JPay through their definitive stock. JPay has been offering email, online payments, entertainment, and educational platforms to over 33 penitentiaries. Rick Smith says that this merger would provide state of the art technologies to produce groundbreaking tools and platforms to run correctional spaces smoothly. Follow Rick at LinkedIn.com.

Before joining Securus, Rick Smith worked with Eschelon Telecom Inc. Mr. Smith was appointed Echelons’ president in 2003-2007. Previously, he was the chief operating officer and chief financial officer from 1998-2003. Mr. Smith worked for Global Crossing for 26 years, where he held various posts including being the president, chief information officer, and controller from 1972-1998.

Rick Smith has worked in several other leading organizations. He was the president of Frontier Technologies and Midwest Telephone Operations. He is a board member of Integra Co Ltd and Eschelon Telecom Inc.

Smith has partnered with several leading and competing service providers to cast their net wider in being the largest communications provider for detainees. In 2016, Rick Smith brokered a partnership with Harris Corporation in a bid to secure exclusive distribution of contraband defender products. This product, according to Rick Smith will help prison administrators manage and control contraband cell phones and any other wireless gadget. This partnership will see Securus be the sole distributor of the products to penal institutions in the USA.

Richard ” Rick ” Smith in a recent press statement in March 2017 announced that Securus was working in partnership with JobView, to enable detainees to search for jobs. Mr. Smith, as chairman of Securus, has deployed over 150,000 Smartphone devices to improve communications in prisons, an investment worth $20 million. Other investments include expansion of the prison entrepreneurship program and an increase in the number of educational programs.

In 2008 the newly appointed Securus CEO, Rick Smith successfully negotiated for lower audio and video calls. For jails, the call rates dropped from 3.25 to 2.01 per minute for audio calls. Such an accomplishment is only achievable through continuous investment in latest technology. Rick Smith’s skills and trailblazing track record has increased Securus Technologies revenue from a mere $30 million to $300 Million.

He holds a graduate degree in Bachelor of Science, electrical engineering from the University of Rochester. He has a master’s in mathematics and business administration from the University of New York, Buffalo. Read more on Crunchbase.com

How Mike Baur has Helped to Transform the Swiss Startup Ecosystem

For quite some time now, Mike Baur has dominated the headlines, especially when it comes to startup matters in Switzerland. He is a co-founder and chief executive officer of the renowned Swiss Startup Factory, a leading autonomous and privately funded ICT Startup accelerator based in Switzerland. Before joining the startup industry, Baur had spent about two decades of his career in the private banking industry. His journey in the industry saw him transcend from a commercial apprentice at UBS to a primary board member of one of the largest Swiss private banks.


In 2014, Mike Baur embarked on his entrepreneurial journey together with his current partners and friends including Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. The three individuals came up with the idea to create Swiss Startup Factory. Since its establishment, the Swiss Startup Factory has been sourcing for promising digital entrepreneurs and providing them with the necessary support.


The Swiss Startup Factory assists startups from their early stage ideas to market entry. In this case, the company offers numerous exciting opportunities through its three-month startup accelerator program. The accelerator program provides an excellent platform for coaching, services, office space, entrepreneurial network and mentoring


Partnership with Fintech Fusion


Mike has largely been involved in the company’s leadership since its inception including leading the company’s financing and fundraising rounds. In fact, he led Swiss Startup Factory into a partnership with Fintech Fusion, a Geneva-based startup accelerator. The partnership marked an important cooperation that bridges the gap between the French and Swiss German sections of Switzerland. By joining forces, both accelerators aimed to collaborate on the mentor network exchange, startup pre-selection process, cooperation with universities among other matters.


Partnership with CTI Invest


Late 2015, Mike Baur led Swiss Startup Factory into a partnership with the top financing platform for innovative startups in Switzerland, CTI Invest. The partnership was meant to boost the Swiss Startup Ecosystem further. During the announcement of the collaboration between the two entities, Mike Baur was named as the deputy managing director of CTI Invest. On the other hand, Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier, the managing director of CTI Invest, was also appointed the managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory.


Other Role of Mike Baur


Apart from devoting a considerable part of his time to SSUF, Mike invests a portion of his spare time to support the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. He also helps Swiss-based startups in terms of mentorship and financially. He is also the director and co-founder of the Swiss Startup Association.


How Dough Levitt’s ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ is Devoted to Bettering Lives

Doug Levitt is a leading journalist, who has gained recognition due to his series, The Greyhound Diaries. He has managed to establish major news networks in his career. Before starting his series, he used to hear stories about Americans who were significantly affected by poverty. He, however, had never had a chance to interact with individuals who were living below the poverty line. The Cornell University graduate decided to do some artistic the work and traveled across the U.S to see how various people were living. At that time, he hoped that it would inspire him to write a book or a song. Doug Levitt’s journey was mainly motivated by a documentary that was recorded about poverty in the 1930s. Levitt was on his first trip for about six weeks.

Mr. Levitt has spent the last ten years still touring different parts of the country to compile stories on his project, The Greyhound Diaries. He has currently created music, books, and also hosted many live performances in the main venues across the nation. Doug has offered his program to various leading media houses across the country to discuss poverty levels and inform people about his experiences when interacting with different individuals who strive to make a living. He believes that one of the effective ways of transforming the current state is by informing people on the lifestyle of the underprivileged in the United States and learn more about Doug.

Doug had an opportunity to know the kind of problems that various people face since his parents were appointed as community leaders in their hometown. And his Twitter, He, however, says that he could not have known that there are U.S citizens who are languishing in poverty if he had not established The Greyhound Diaries. According to him, millions of people in the United States are significantly affected by the problem. The work that he does has motivated him to fight inequality in the country. In his long series, he has spoken about various leading media houses failing to explore different parts of the nation. They have not reached the areas where people are living with difficulties. The public needs to be informed for the problem to be solved and more information click here.

Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Announces Topping off at Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

JMH Development is one of the leading Brooklyn-based real estate development companies. For the enterprise, they are always delighted at the development of high-end properties that can be adopted on a massive scale. For this reason, they have made themselves a name as the most prominent company working to satisfy the real estate industry in the country. JMH Development also has more than two decades of professional experience as a developer of major commercial and real estate properties in the United States. For this reason, the company has increased its capacity to develop the most distinctive properties in the luxury category.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

JMH Development is also a pioneer in the development of well-positioned properties in the industry. 184 Kent Street is one of the most prominent properties developed by JMH Development. The company worked hard to develop the property to become better than the initially expected design. For this reason, JMH Development received an award for excellence in the real estate industry after working to achieve better business through innovation and strategy. JMH Development is also one of the leading companies responsible for the development of the beautiful Townhouses in Brooklyn. JMH Development is also committed to the creation of successful, high-quality properties that can endure all weathers.

Jason’s Own Time

Jason Halpern leads JMH Development. He is also the founder of the company. JMH Development has also announced that the company is about to reach the topping off of the Southern Aloft Beach. This is a 240-room hotel that will be strategically positioned at the Miami Beach. The hotel is expected to commence its operation by 2015.

The project was awarded to JMH Development as the main contractor. However, the company decided to subcontract Madden Real Estate to aid it in the actual development of the building. For this reason, the company also decided to hire Plaza Construction Company to facilitate faster construction. ADD Architectures were hired to ensure the company stays ahead of the rest in coping up with the latest form of architectural designs. Because of the combined effort of this company, they are spearheaded to complete the project before time.