Dr. Scott M. Rocklage is 5AM Venture’s Founding Partner. He started out as a Venture Partner in 2003 and later graduated to a Managing Partner in 2004. His Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, which was awarded at the University of California, Berkeley. He further pursued Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he got his Ph.D.


Having over thirty years of experience in healthcare management and precise leadership qualities, he influenced the approval of FDA on the new drugs: Omniscan™, Cubicin®, and Teslascan®. He has also aided several drug firm candidates to participate in clinical test trials.


Dr. Scott’s commendable leadership skills earned him top management positions in different companies. They include CEO and President of Nycomed Salutar, Board Chairman of Relypsa, CEO, and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He was on the Board of Pulmatrix and Epirus. He has also served as the Executive Chairman of Ilypsa, Semprus as well as Miikana. He serves on the Board of Kinestral, Cidara, and Rennovia as the Chairman.


Dr. Rocklage is time conscious and believes in setting priorities as well as proper calendaring. This makes him a very organized person. He believes in teamwork as he works closely with physicians, scientists, entrepreneurs among others. Being an entrepreneur himself, he encourages other entrepreneurs to take calculated risks as it is one way of controlling what happens in one’s future.


He enjoys exploring new forms and areas of science and life. Through such extensive research, he has been able to identify different ways to treat cancer using specific genotypes in a different yet distinctive manner. He has helped to increase the lifespan of cancer patients as well as saving the lives of others entirely. He makes use of ideas of others and molds them into potential ways to meet medical needs that have not found solutions yet. These improvements in the medical world bring joy and satisfaction to him. Dr. Rocklage emphasizes that there should be a great focus on strengths and being true to the cause in order to succeed in any field.


Dr. Scott Rocklage is a respectable man whose achievements in chemistry and science are unmatched. His dreams will always remain his drive, and the pride of science.


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