Stream Energy role in energy provision and management

Stream Energy is a private company founded in August 2004 by Rob Snyder and co-founder Pierre Koshajki and Larry Mondry as the CEO. It had 245 employees as of August 2017. The company’s Headquarters are found in Dallas, Texas. It’s an energy producing company as well as a provider of protective services, wireless and home services. It uses multilevel advertising as its primary channel of generating sales. Initially, hired through Ignite; its separate marketing forum before getting merged into stream brand. Visit to know more about Stream Energy.

The stream was accredited as an energy provider on a retail basis by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas in 2005. It started its operation after the enrolment of customers in the Texas electricity in 2005. The company has enlarged its markets and now sells energy worldwide. After the firm merged in 2014, the current stream allies earn commissions through hiring new sales associates after acquiring the minimum requirement of energy customers after selling the energy to customers. Through business demonstrations, concepts within the firm get upheld. Sales partners have internet sites to offer information to the employees.

Stream Energy’s financial statement indicated that the sales representatives that lived up to their qualifications throughout the fiscal year earned a minimum of one bonus payments or commission signifying 84.5% of sales partners. Their yearly pay was $686.90 for the mainstream represented by 81.9% of the partners, and the annual average wage was $117.12.


The energy can be managed to avoid high bills incurred through reckless use of electric household appliances. Electronic devices plugged in consume power whether they are in use or not. The energy wasted cannot be felt instantly but can be experienced over time. Power can get saved by shutting off the electronic gadgets which are not in use. The devices include computers monitors, coffee makers, printers, electronic entertainment gadgets, iron boxes and much more.

Reseach shows that one can save $36.80 by putting off DVRs whenever they are not in use, and a dollar on a daily basis by shutting off a coffee maker. The entertainment sector can save $130 annually by not leaving the systems connected when not in use. Diligence is required so as to benefit by merely linking the appliances to power strips and shutting them down when not in use. View the Company reviews at

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