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In a move that is reflective of its rebranding efforts, HuffPost brought on board Bob Reina as a regular contributor. The founder and chief executive officer at Talk Fusion brings with him a unmatched experience. He has over two decades of experience on the marketing industry where he has specialized in video marketing especially at Talk Fusion and direct marketing. The rebranding of the popular online publication, which also includes a name change from Huffington Post, will see it publish real stories of people that have been ignored by the mainstream media. Bob Reina is no stranger to such spotlight as he been a contributor for the publication since 2016. His articles, even the ones he has authored in his new elevated role, touch on a wide array of subjects including self-development, culture and investment among others. The articles cover the backstories that usually do not make the headlines but are equally important. Learn more:


Company Profile: Talk Fusion


Since its founding in 2007 by its current chief executive Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has grown tremendously. It has carved out a name for itself as one of the leading providers of video marketing products and services. The video marketing tools offered by the company are highly innovative, which has seen the company win several awards including the 2016 Communication Solutions Products of the Year Award. The award, which was given by Technology Marketing Corporation, was in recognition of the company’s innovative video marketing technology: Video Chat. The product was one in a long list of innovative and high-end marketing solutions available for customers globally. Learn more:


The company’s line of products and services are available for interested on free trial for 30 days. At the end of the free trial period, interested customers are invited to pay an affordable fee that will allow them access some of the most exciting and efficient marketing platforms globally. In addition to Video Chat, Talk Fusion also deals in live meetings platforms, all-inclusive video email services and video newsletters. The products customer-centric and use an interactive platform that meets the growing demand for new concepts of communication and marketing that is reflective of technological advancements and trends. The company, under the visionary leadership of Bob Reina, has expanded operations to 140 countries with the help of its highly qualified professionals.

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Jason Hope – Engadget Recap Quality level: 3

Today, keeping up with the latest advances in technology has become very difficult to do. Since these changes are affecting virtually every area of an individual’s life, nothing seems to be left unchanged. Therefore, it is important for those people who want to stay on the cutting edge of their competition to make sure they are listening to the industry’s best. Particularly, when professionals like Jason Hope are talking about the technology that will be available in the near future.

That said, Jason Hope has become a very influential person in the world of technology. The information that he shares is not only good for everyday use, but also in envisioning what technology is coming up next. Just like the Jetson’s enjoyed the convenience of having a robot to serve the family in their homes, the technology that is on its way will immolate a number of different things that were pictured in their environment. From smart homes that makes the tasks of getting ready for the day much easier to appliances that talk back to you, there are so many different things that he is addressing and learn more about Jason.

As the Engadget article on him states, the info that he shares is invaluable for both individuals and business organizations alike. Particularly, since it is vital that every business organization keeps up with the all of the trends that will affect their operations today as well as into tomorrow. Without the benefits of this information that he is explaining, some major business will be left behind and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

According to the information that he has posted, the future of many of the most innovative technology will be available globally in just a few years. Meaning the crust of what has occurred with smart phones and the most recent advances in technology is just the tip of the iceberg. Specifically, since the main goal is to keep everything that is used on a daily basis connected. Therefore, even the major corporations will be striving to service the needs of their target audiences and more information click here.

As new innovations are being released everyday, it is essential for businesses and individual to make sure that they are ready for the changes. One of the best ways to make sure no one is left behind in these innovations is to keep up with the advances that Jason Hope discusses in his post and his Twitter.

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