Kim Doa’s Travel Hacks for Japan

Kim Dao shares her ten travel tips to make your trip to Japan easier.Learn more :


  1. Carry your own Wifi. It’s hard to find Wifi in Japan so it’s good to carry a pocket Wifi device or get a sim card.


  1. Get a JR Pass. People with a tourist visa can use these to ride JR trains. It costs $300 per week. A one way ticket can cost $150, so it will save you money in the long run.


  1. Use Odigo travel to plan your trip. All planning can be done on that website. It’s great for people who need help planning every part of their trip.


  1. Use Train Apps. There are so many trains in Japan and it can be confusing to know which to use. Kim Doa uses google maps or searches Japan Travel or Japan Trains. This helps her to know exactly which path to take.


  1. Use a Train Card. These are great because you don’t have to buy tickets. It makes travel much faster.


  1. Carry Cash. Kim Dao carries cash because a lot of shops don’t accept card payments.Learn more :


  1. Bring a Power-board. Plug outlets from different countries may different. You need to make sure you can plug in your devices.


  1. Get a car. Kim Doa likes to travel to places like the country side. Having a car allows her to. You just need to have an international license.


  1. Keep heat packs. It can get really cold in Japan but keeping heat packs on your body will keep you warm.


  1. Take photos. Kim Doa uses photos of the landmarks to get directions from natives.Learn more :


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