Sawyer Howitt Brings Light to the Sport of Racquetball

Sawyer Howitt is an young entrepreneur but also an up and coming outstanding Racquetball athlete. He became interested in the sport and his journey of Racquetball started while in high school. Racquetball isn’t really popular with Americans, but Sawyer Howitt is planning on changing that in due time. Howitt joined the Portland Racquetball Club and quickly started working on his skills. By becoming apart of his high school team, he gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge. He has already taken his team to new heights, winning numerous matches. He soon became Lincoln Highs’ star player.

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He made his presence known during Oregon High School Racquetball State Championships. Although he didn’t win the trophy, he performed magnificently against upper-classman Eric Poppleston. Sawyer Howitt didn’t give up and continued to perfect his technique. He has proven his level of skill in the sport of racquetball, that he may very well end up on the rankings for the National Racquetball Championships. It is predicted that Sawyer Howitt will represent his nation by partaking in the Racquetball Men’s Olympics Stage in the upcoming years. He is definitely paving the way for Racquetball, bringing it to the forefront with other well known sports like Tennis. He is determined to take the Racquetball sport to national levels.

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