Dr. Scott M. Rocklage is 5AM Venture’s Founding Partner. He started out as a Venture Partner in 2003 and later graduated to a Managing Partner in 2004. His Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, which was awarded at the University of California, Berkeley. He further pursued Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he got his Ph.D.


Having over thirty years of experience in healthcare management and precise leadership qualities, he influenced the approval of FDA on the new drugs: Omniscan™, Cubicin®, and Teslascan®. He has also aided several drug firm candidates to participate in clinical test trials.


Dr. Scott’s commendable leadership skills earned him top management positions in different companies. They include CEO and President of Nycomed Salutar, Board Chairman of Relypsa, CEO, and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He was on the Board of Pulmatrix and Epirus. He has also served as the Executive Chairman of Ilypsa, Semprus as well as Miikana. He serves on the Board of Kinestral, Cidara, and Rennovia as the Chairman.


Dr. Rocklage is time conscious and believes in setting priorities as well as proper calendaring. This makes him a very organized person. He believes in teamwork as he works closely with physicians, scientists, entrepreneurs among others. Being an entrepreneur himself, he encourages other entrepreneurs to take calculated risks as it is one way of controlling what happens in one’s future.


He enjoys exploring new forms and areas of science and life. Through such extensive research, he has been able to identify different ways to treat cancer using specific genotypes in a different yet distinctive manner. He has helped to increase the lifespan of cancer patients as well as saving the lives of others entirely. He makes use of ideas of others and molds them into potential ways to meet medical needs that have not found solutions yet. These improvements in the medical world bring joy and satisfaction to him. Dr. Rocklage emphasizes that there should be a great focus on strengths and being true to the cause in order to succeed in any field.


Dr. Scott Rocklage is a respectable man whose achievements in chemistry and science are unmatched. His dreams will always remain his drive, and the pride of science.


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One on One with the CEO of American Institute of Arts

The American Institute of Arts (AIA) has been in existence since 1857. Many people, however, are not very familiar with what exactly the institution does. Robert Ivy is the current CEO and has served in that position since February 2011. AIA is a professional body that is mandated by the federal government to train, advice the public on matters related to construction and design as well as issue operating licenses to qualified members. AIA currently has over 87,000 members all over the country according to CEO Robert Ivy. The institution has its Headquarters in Washington DC as well as offices in every state. Follow Robert Ivy on Twitter for more updates

Since joining AIA, Robert Ivy has transformed the institution and is constantly concerned about how Architects can be more useful outside their profession. Ivy believes that Architecture can be used in different areas of life other than the construction and design industry. In the recent months, AIA has been on a mission to partner with sectors which are not closely related to architecture. When asked why the institution had taken that direction, the soft-spoken CEO pointed out that there was a need for architects to deviate from the usual way of doing things. He holds the opinion that architects can be useful in other areas such as disaster relief solutions as well as improving health.

Robert Ivy went to Tulane University. He is a registered architect and has once worked as a magazine editor and corporate executive. He recently caught up with SmartPlanet’s Joo Kim in an interview. View Robert Ivy’s profile at Tulane School of Architecture

SmartPlanet: Can you explain the relationship between architecture and public health?

Robert Ivy: well, the design has played a major role in our public health throughout history. When you walk around, you see beautifully designed buildings and parks. That is the work of architecture.

SmartPlanet: Can architecture directly affect public Health?

Robert Ivy: Architecture can affect the rate of a community’s non-communicable diseases. Buildings around the city and outside can be designed in such a way that they promote exercise. For example, they can ensure there are areas where people can easily walk upstairs or downstairs without necessarily using lifts.

SmartPlanet: It is as if AIA is looking to collaborate with sectors unrelated to architecture, what’s your take on that?

Robert Ivy: Yes you are right. In the past few years, we have been trying to get out of the architecture box. We are encouraging architects across the country to embrace diversity and get involved in other fields. We think that kind of approach will bring about numerous positive changes in our institution. More info here:https://www.mswritersandmusicians.com/mississippi-writers/robert-ivy


Gregory Aziz – The Successful Leader Of National Steel Car

Greg Aziz of National Steel Car is the CEO, and President of the world’s top railroad freight car manufacturing and industrial companies in Hamilton, Ontario.


Greg J. Aziz knows how to focus our strong points with a good organization in the rail industry. He knows that clients always trust our industry, to build the highest value railcars with reliably transport performance today.


Greg Aziz persistent goal is to work hard, and to maintain quality at its best. That will make sure The National Steel Car stays as the leader in North America’s rail car construction.


National Steel Car was founded in 1912. They keep their mission to produce and design freight cars that surpasses and the growing demands for people’s needs and for the railroad business.

Greg Aziz went to school at Ridley College, getting a major in economics at the University of Western Ontario.


He worked alongside with his family doing business in wholesale foods before getting into the industry of learning railroad freight car manufacturing.


Mr. Aziz gained the success by first being able to structure buying the National Steel Car from Hamilton’s biggest remote area that distributes million tons of high quality flat carbon steel every year, called Dofasco. His ambition was to change the corporation into the primary railroad freight car constructor in The United States, Canada, and Mexico.

In time, the National Steel Car grew its engineering ability from over three thousand cars every year to about twelve thousand. Hundreds of people were hired from over five hundred employees to close to three thousand. The expansion goes to show what a success the National Steel Car mission has become.


The success of The National Steel Car continues to be the leader of manufacturing the progress of new cars every year.


Mr. Greg Aziz always says that engineering is very active, but it is a need for change. A successful business company must adopt change. The use of technology must be positive and never negative for growth.


Mr. Greg Aziz is married to Irene Aziz, and they are both promoters of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. It is Canada’s most famous, and well-known rural carnival. Refer to This Article for related information.

Gregory Aziz and the Comeback of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz, a Canadian businessman, amassed a significant reputation after acquiring the rolling stock manufacturing company National Steel Car and revived it in only five years. The company were beaten down and would have probably closed down for good if Gregory James Aziz had not come to its aid.



National Steel Car is one of the oldest companies in its line of work. In was founded about 105 years ago by a small group of investors who had the excellent intuition about the rolling stock market which was a new rising business at the time of the company’s inception. The corporation entered the market a year before its peak.


From the start, National Steel car was achieving success. Investors flocked to put their money into the prosperity of the business that was taking the market by storm and assuming the first place in its line of work. That did not last long, however, as the Great Depression started coming in and wiping out business after business. The lucky companies that survived the Depression were those that had previously been on top of were flexible enough to mold to the times.


National Steel Car was bad at molding at first and lost its leading place in the market. It also had to downsize severely. After some time, the company started taking orders for any manufacturing including engines and metal frames. The company survived through the Great Depression and when the Second World War broke out National Steel Car was able to go back to its original line of work. The clients started rolling in, and the company was thriving. Visit This Page for more information.



After the war passed the business slowed down significantly again. The industry was taken over by new companies that were better at keeping up with the times and were able to stay flexible and innovate. National Steel Car was acquired by Dofasco, but the new owner never managed to work extensively on National Steel car as much as it needed.



Gregory J Aziz took over the business assuming full leadership as CEO, Chairman, and President. Aziz started expanding the company and hiring thousands of people. The manufacturing capacity jumped significantly from 3500 a year to 12 000 units. The expansion took five years and was impressive given the circumstances



Gregory James Aziz has been the owner of National Steel Car for 26 years. The corporation is hugely modernized and a lot larger. It is also international, accepting clients from the US.

How Robert Ivy is Changing the Architectural Department

If you happen to meet Robert Ivy on a typical day, you will realize that he is a soft-spoken, warm and wise professional. Through his conversation, it is clear that the businessman has a lot of knowledge in the architectural department. Robert Ivy has been in this industry for a while, and he understands the history of America’s urban planning. In several occasions, Robert has spoken about the importance of the professionals in this department to cross-pollinate ideas and interact with software programmers. Robert Ivy heads one of the leading architectural bodies, known as American Institute of Architects. Ivy serves as the executive vice president of this professional body too. The membership-based organization has helped its members to focus on the profession and at the end of the day come with the best buildings and designs. Construction companies affiliated with the AIA have been doing very well in the recent times. Robert Ivy has been encouraging and motivating his colleagues in the department to think and at the same time focus far beyond the sector. Follow AIANational on Twitter.

According to Robert Ivy, the construction department can have a huge positive impact in very many areas in the world. This department can offer disaster solutions and at the same time improve the health of individuals in the community. The American Institute of Architects has been getting a lot of attention in the recent times due to this mission. The organization has a monthly program for checking and also tracking the performance of the building industry. This has served as a way of determining the economic status of the country in the recent times. The information from this survey is believed to be very accurate and beneficial to the stakeholders in the industry.

The AIA recently made a special announcement during the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting that was held this September. The popular event was attended by some of the top businessmen, politicians and cultural leaders from all parts of the globe. The professional organization announced that it was planning a ten-year program that would develop various solutions and initiatives that will be focusing on sustainability, public health and resilience to any natural calamities, especially in the urban areas. The professional group is expected to achieve these goals quickly because of the kind of leadership it has put in place. Robert Ivy is an experienced professional who has the leadership qualities that will make the group to perform well in the competitive sector.

Learn more:https://www.nytimes.com/topic/organization/american-institute-of-architects


Fans Of Hot Pepper Will Love Joel Friant’s Habanero Shaker

For people who enjoy eating hot peppers, the Habanero Shaker is a wonderful item that can be used with lots of different foods. The brainchild of a serial entrepreneur named Joel Friant, the Habanero Shaker is a plastic shaker filled with 100 percent habanero flakes.

In a recent Idea Mensch interview, Joel Friant explains some of his business strategies, and how the Original Habanero Shaker became a useful product that is very popular with consumers.

Prior to introducing the Habanero Shaker, Joel Friant briefly worked in home remodeling and real estate sales. In 1995, Mr. Friant became known as “The Thai Guy,” due to his creation of America’s first Thai fast food restaurant concept.

1995 was also the year that the Habanero Shaker was first introduced. Ever since he first tasted a habanero pepper while he was a high school student, Mr. Friant has been a big fan of the hot vegetable. After visiting Jamaica and trying the Scotch Bonnet variety of habanero pepper, he realized that he had to find a way to get the wonderful pepper introduced to more people.

The Habanero Shaker was originally created for use by Joel Friant’s family and friends, and sales of the product were proven in Washington State grocery stores. Realizing the possibilities in online sales, Mr. Friant began selling the Habanero Shaker on Amazon and EBay, where the product has been successfully received.

Although the habanero pepper is indeed a hot pepper, it is not quite as hot when it is presented as dried flakes. People who like heat in their food will appreciate the fact that the pepper flakes in the Original Habanero Shaker are approximately 30 times hotter than jalapeno peppers, producing an average 200,000 Scoville heat units.

As someone who sees the value in subconscious success training, Joel Friant believes that putting out a positive vibe can create good changes. Habanero pepper-lovers everywhere will certainly attest that they love the positive vibe they receive from the Original Habanero Shaker.

What Is AvaTrade? Full Forex Broker Review

Recently, Premier Gazette published an article entitled, “AvaTrade Review: Should You Use This Forex Broker for Cryptocurrency Investments?” It was written by Stephen Ray. In this article, they thoroughly review the AvaTrade system. Let’s recap this article below and talk about some of its highlights.

They talk mainly about cryptocurrencies in the Premier Gazette article.

Since AvaTrade’s beginnings in 2006, they have made a niche for themselves and shown the world what they are capable of. They use modern expertise and techniques to navigate the rough terrain of the 21st Century trading platform. The AvaTrade system is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and their headquarters is located in Dublin.

AvaTrade is used by over 200,000 Forex traders worldwide.

Users cite that one of the best features of the system is how they have kept up with the times when it comes to trading and trading techniques. After all, staying stuck in the dark ages won’t help any in the modern age of technology and finances. AvaTrade keeps up with the times by being one of the most well-known platforms for forms of online cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. AvaTrade is also well known for their 24/7 support system, to help users at any time of day or night.

AvaTrade boasts that they help users trade with confidence.

The company is based out of Dublin, Ireland with offices in Japan, Australia, South Africa, and more. They are officially regulated on five continents. AvaTrade offers over 250 trading instruments to their clients and helps you pave the way for success in your trading endeavors. They provide trading tutorial videos for beginners and a special Forex ebook for those who are just getting started.

When signing up for AvaTrade, you also get a sign-on bonus. Their minimum deposit for this limited time promotion is $100.

The Oxford Club and What it Can Do For You

The Oxford Club is an unconventional financial publisher that is located in Baltimore, Maryland. They give people global opportunities to market beating returns. They also hold plans for achieving and preserving the wealth of their clients.

About the Oxford Club

They offer monthly newsletters, investment research services and trading recommendations. The Oxford Club also hosts many events such as seminars, symposiums and overseas investment excursions for those looking to get more out of their investments. They deal in financial planning such as equities, bonds, real estate, collectables, precious metals and currency.

What the Oxford Club Can Do For You

People have come to appreciate the high level of social and business connections that the Oxford Club can provide them. Their mission is to make people create exponential and long lasting wealth and though a vast network along with immense knowledge of the industry, they do just that.

For hundreds of years, their unique philosophy and ability to share ideas through their publications, they have upheld their success through rapidly changing market conditions. The Oxford Club researches several investment opportunities, and only pick the ones that have the highest potential gains and little to no risk.

Their investment strategy has proven to be successful without any unacceptable risks or consequences to their clients. They turn their heads away from ideas that show even the slightest risk. The Oxford Club also provides its members with the opportunity to make their own portfolios. This way people can take advantage of a wide variety of investment plans and numerous time arrangements.

Ready to Start Investing?

The Oxford Club is selective, but they are not a secret organization. They have more than 80,000 members in over 100 countries. They are known worldwide as a stable financial organization. With all this in mind, it is an easy to make the decision about where to go if you plan on investing. With so many things out there turning for profit it’s a good idea to have a stable financial institution to back you up. The Oxford Club is there to do just that.

Siteline Cabinetry Is Making Changes To Cabinet Installers

Searching for new ideas to update your home? Are you searching for affordable ideas to update your bathroom or kitchen? If so, Siteline Cabinetry is a name that home owners should get comfortable with. The first run of cabinets made by Siteline was put on the market in 2015. With Siteline, you have access to more than 270 variables surrounding your cabinets and the options available to your designs.

When you are ready to purchase new, custom cabinets, you will want to consult with Siteline. They offer completely customizable cabinets in a quick turn around. Typically your cabinets will be ready in a 4 to 5 week turn around. The sooner you have an idea about the dimensions that you will need and the ideas of the accessories that you want, you should place an order. If you don’t order your cabinets in time, you might be waiting a while for your cabinets to be installed.

Of all the things that you can have done to your home, the one thing that people don’t realize is that remodeling your home is a task to not take lightly. You will want to carefully consider all the options that will go into your home. By thinking about all the different ideas and considering the different options available to you surrounding tile, carpet, hardwood, paint and now even custom made cabinets.

Custom cabinets are typically an expense that most people do not want to take on. Typically the cost of purchasing custom cabinets is so great that in most cases, homeowners will head to their local store to purchase the cabinets that are already made. Not only do they opt for this reason because the cabinets are cheaper but also because they are already made. The problem however is that when this happens, the kitchen, storage area, bathroom or even pantry are less of a selling point.

When you are placing an order for your cabinets, consider how much more your home would be worth if the cabinets are custom made. Consider the selling point should you decide to sell your home later on down the road.

How To Securus In A Safe Way

We all strive to keep ourselves safe during the days, months, weeks and years. The work we put into security and its importance is still easily overlooked. That work is a process undertaken by various modern technologies grouped with trained manpower. Securus is an agency that specifically works with technology created in modern times.


Electronic devices we use are advancing and are leveraged for every area of society that we have. This advancement is also a gateway for criminal activity. The potential of technology is the potential for abuse if we are ignorant of the responsibility regarding security. There are numerous ways danger comes about and because of the technology access we all have.


The Ongoing Need Of Technology


Securus Technologies is a firm that works with the advancement that criminals make through technology. The agency is matched by no other and brings together a team of professionals who all specialize is vast areas of engineering and criminal security. The combined forces create a tangible product that we recognize today.


The end result is electronic devices that offer high-tech functions to aide in the process of security against criminal activity. The Securus Technologies firm often works directly with agencies who need to protect specific activity within a private facility. These professionals also have to work to keep information from both getting out and in.


Combining With Government Forces


The standing market for Securus Technologies is a foundation of over 2,600 U.S. contracts. These contracts span the United States of America and are limited to the private industry. This sector is private due to the protection it needs against criminal minds and public exposure. The government is working with Securus in the process.


Securus Technologies benefits from this relationship and in two primary ways. The agency has the best access to information about criminal activity and the phycology behind it. The more information like this that Securus has, the better the agency can leverage new technology against potential crime.